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Mendocino Coast

abalone shell 1 graphic

Abalone shell, Image 1

meadow grass 1 graphic

Meadow grass, Image 1
The grass in the center is almost certainly Briza maxima,
called big quaking grass, big quakinggrass, or rattlesnake grass.

wasp nest 1 graphic

Wasp nest, Image 1

abalone shell 2 graphic

Abalone shell, Image 2

sand bug 1 graphic

Sand bug, Image 1

leaf and sand 1 graphic

Leaf on beach, Image 1

sand tracks grass 1 graphic

Sand, tracks, grass, Image 1

luna 1 graphic

Luna with ball, on the beach

abalone shell 3 graphic

Abalone shell, Image 3

sand tracks grass 2 graphic

Sand, tracks, grass, Image 2

shells on rock 1 graphic

Shells and rock, Image 1

algae 1 graphic

Algae on cliff face, Image 1

gooseneck barnacles 1 graphic

Gooseneck barnacles Image 1

abalone shell 4 graphic

Abalone shell, Image 4

seaweed on beach 1 graphic

Seaweed on the beach, Image 1

abalone shell 5 graphic

Abalone shell, Image 5

sea palm 1 graphic

Sea palm on the sand, Image 1

tracks in the sand 1 graphic

Tracks in the sand, Image 1

tree on cliff 1 graphic

Tree on a seaside cliff, Image 1

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Mendocino Coast