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Lichens Index 11:
Physciella to Pseudoparmelia

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Physciella chloantha
Physciella melanchra

Physconia americana

Physconia californica
Physconia detersa
Physconia elegantula
Physconia enteroxantha
Physconia isidiigera
Physconia muscigena
Physconia perisidiosa
Physcia & Physconia (unidentified species)

Pilophorus acicularis
Pilophorus cereolus
Pilophorus clavatus
Pilophorus nigricaulis
Pilophorus robustus

Placidium acarosporoides

Placidium arboreum
Placidium chilense
Placidium lachneum
for Placidium lacinulatum go to Clavascidium lacinulatum
Placidium pilosellum
Placidium squamulosum

Placopsis gelida
Placopsis lambii
Placopsis roseonigra
Placopsis (unidentified species)

Placopyrenium caeruleopulvinum

Placynthiella oligotropha
Placynthiella uliginosa

Placynthium asperellum
Placynthium nigrum

Platismatia glauca
Platismatia herrei
Platismatia lacunosa
Platismatia norvegica
Platismatia stenophylla
Platismatia tuckermanii



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Physconia americana








pilophorus thumbnail graphic
Pilophorus acicularis

Platygramme caesiopruinosa

Platythecium grammatis

Pleopsidium chlorophanum
Pleopsidium flavum

Polycauliona bolacina
Polycauliona brattiae
Polycauliona brattiae with Polycauliona rosei
Polycauliona candelaria
Polycauliona coralloides
Polycauliona flavogranulosa
Polycauliona ignea
Polycauliona impolita
Polycauliona inconspecta
Polycauliona ludificans
Polycauliona luteominia

Polycauliona pollinarioides
Polycauliona polycarpa
Polycauliona rosei
Polycauliona verruculifera

Polychidium contortum (see Leptogidium contortum)
Polychidium dendriscum cfr. (see Leptogidium dendriscum cfr.)
Polychidium muscicola
Polychidium (unidentified species)

Polysporina simplex
Polysporina urceolata

Porina heterospora

Porpidia albocaerulescens
Porpidia carlottiana
Porpidia contraponenda cfr.
Porpidia crustulata
Porpidia diversa
Porpidia flavicunda
Porpidia flavocaerulescens (see Porpidia flavicunda)
Porpidia macrocarpa
Porpidia subsimplex
Porpidia thomsonii
Porpidia tuberculosa
Porpidia (unidentified species)

Protoblastenia rupestris

Protomicarea limosa

Protopannaria pezizoides

Protoparmelia badia

Pseudephebe minuscula
Pseudephebe pubescens

Pseudevernia cladonia
Pseudevernia consocians
Pseudevernia furfuracea (not a North American species)
Pseudevernia intensa

Pseudocyphellaria anomala (see Lobaria anomala)
Pseudocyphellaria anthraspis (see Lobaria anthraspis)
Pseudocyphellaria aurata (see Crocodia aurata)
Pseudocyphellaria crocata
Pseudocyphellaria hawaiiensis
Pseudocyphellaria perpetua (see Pseudocyphellaria hawaiiensis)
Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis
Pseudocyphellaria (unidentified species)

Pseudoparmelia uleana

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Porpidia albocaerulescens








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Pseudevernia intensa







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Pseudocyphellaria crocata

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