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sierra foothills 1 graphic

Image 1: Southern Sierra Nevada foothills

dawn pudding creek 1 graphic

Image 2: Dawn at Pudding Creek beach, Mendocino Co., California

snowy forest oregon 1 graphic

Image 3: Snowy forest, Oregon Cascades

high sierra meadow 1 grqphic

Image 4: Flowery meadow and lake, Little Lakes Valley, Sierra Nevada

dawn mckerricher beach rocks 1 graphic

Image 5: Dawn at McKerricher Beach, Mendocino Co., California

painted hills 1 graphic

Image 6: Painted Hills, Oregon

sunset ocean oregon 1 graphic

Image 7: Sunset, Oregon coast

eagle lake dawn 1 graphic

Image 8: Dawn at Eagle Lake, northeastern California

mossy bank oregon 1 graphic

Image 9: Mossy streambank, Oregon Cascades

dhaulagiri 1 graphic

Image 10: Dhaulagiri Peak, Himalayas

big river beach 1 graphic

Image 12: Big River and ocean, Mencocino County, California

double rainbow 1 graphic

Image 13: Double rainbow, east side of northern Sierra Nevada

tuolumne river ice and rocks 1 graphic

Image 14: Rocks and ice, Tuolumne River, Yosemite National Park

muskeg alaska aerial 1 graphic

Image 15: Aerial of muskeg, Southeast Alaska

hills and peaks mustang 1 graphic

Image 17: Hills near Ghemi, Mustang, north side of Himalayas

dawn surf mckerricher 1 graphic

Image 18: Dawn at McKerricher Beach, Mencocino County, California

cypress swamp 1 graphic

Image 19: Cypress swamp, Louisiana

sunset ocean 1 graphic

Image 20: Sunset, Oregon coast

bearpaw lake 1 graphic

Image 21: Bearpaw Lake, Sierra Nevada, California

portage glacier 1 graphic

Image 22: Portage Glacier, Southeast Alaska, 1992

foothills flowers 1 graphic

Image 23: Flowery hillside above the Merced River, west of Yosemite National Park

beach surf pudding creek 1 graphic

Image 24: Dawn at Pudding Creek beach, Mendocino County, California

british columbia interior 1 graphic

Image 25: Hills above the Fraser River, southern British Columbia

vernal pool 1 graphic

Image 26: Vernal pool flowers, Sierra Nevada foothills

sierra dawn 1 graphic

Image 27: Dawn, Hungry Packer Lake, Sierra Nevada

beach crescent city 1 graphic

Image 28: Beach and sky near Crescent City, California

winter scene nevada 1 graphic

Image 29: Winter rangeland, northern Nevada

badlands 1 graphic

Image 31: Badlands, South Dakota

moonlight lake 1 graphic

Image 32: Moonlight Lake, Sierra Nevada

saskatchawan glacier 1 graphic

Image 33: Saskatchewan Glacier, Banff National Park, Alberta, 1992

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