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tuolumne river ice 1 graphic

Tuolumne River ice 1

farm fields oregon graphic

Fields in the Willamette Valley, Oregon

mossy woods graphic

Mossy woods in the Coast Range of Oregon

lakeshore reflections 1 graphic

Lakeshore reflections 4

usnea longissima graphic

The lichen Usnea longissima, with moss, on a twig in Oregon

alturas north 1 graphic

Fields north of Alturas

mossy tree graphic

Mossy tree 2

yosemite creek reflections graphic

Yosemite Creek reflections 1

lake anza reflections graphic

Reflections, Lake Anza 4

mossy maples graphic

Mossy maples 2

dead log graphic

Dead log 2

log with snow graphic

Dead log with snow 1

eroded sandstone graphic

Salt Point sandstone 4

grass and pineneedles graphic

Grass & pineneedles 1

  Dawn, MacKerricher Beach Image 8

Pond reflections 9

pond reflections 2 graphic

Pond reflections 3

lakeshore grass 1 graphic

Lakeshore grass 3

lakeshore grass 2 graphic

Lakeshore grass 6

malacostomum californicum graphic

Malacosoma californicum 9
Western Tent Caterpillar

point lobos graphic

Point Lobos 3

smith river 1 graphic

Smith River 1

smith river 2 graphic

Smith River 5

xmas tree farm graphic

Christmas tree farm 1

beach dawn 16 graphic

Dawn, MacKerricher Beach
Image 8

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