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The images on this page are of two lichens and the rest are wild plants.


usnea longissima graphic

The lichen, Usnea longissima

letharia columbiana graphic

The lichen, Letharia columbiana

arbutus menziesii graphic

Arbutus menziesii, the madrone tree.

calceolaria tomentosa graphic

Calceolaria tomentosa, the yellow slipper.

ceratotheca triloba graphic

Ceratotheca triloba, the South African foxglove or wild foxglove.

dichroa febrifuga graphic

Dichroa febrifuga, called blue evergreen hydrangea or Chinese quinine.

erica glandulosa graphic

Erica glandulosa, a type of Cape heather.

erica glauca elegans graphic

Erica glauca var. elegans, a kind of heather from South Africa.

fuchsia boliviana graphic

Fuchsia boliviana, a species from South America.

malvaviscus arboreus graphic

Malvaviscus arboreus, called Turk's cap, Turk's turban, wax mallow, ladies teardrop or Scotchman's purse.

oreocereus doelzianus graphic

Oreocereus doelzianus, a cactus called old man of the Andes.

osbeckia stellata graphic

Osbeckia stellata, called the starry osbeckia.

rosa bridgesii graphic

Rosa bridgesii, called pygmy rose or wood rose.

salvia sagittata graphic

Salvia sagittata, called arrow leaf sage.

salvia semiatrata graphic

Salvia semiatrata, called pine mountain sage.

teucrium bicolor graphic

Teucrium bicolor, a wild species from Chile called oreganillo.

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