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Environment North America:
Animals and people

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Humans and Nature

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Image 1. The black hump in the center of the pickup truck is a black bear, just been shot by hunters in Oregon using dogs with radio transmitters on their collars.
Photo by Sylvia Sharnoff.

elk on lawn graphic

Image 2. Elk near Banff have grown so used to human environments that they frequently wander into town.

fox on highway 1 graphic

Image 3. This fox was on a highway on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Ontario.

coyote on highway 1 graphic

Image 4. A coyote on the highway. Increasingly, wild animals have to attemp
to deal with dangerous human incursions into their territory.

boreal owl study 1 graphic

Image 5. Holding a baby boreal owl in Idaho. Biologists are studying wildlife at the same time that wildlife habitat is being destroyed at a rapid rate.

boreal owl study 2 graphic

Image 6. Banding a baby Boreal Owl in Idaho.

horse in mirror graphic

Image 7. This horse lives next to a trailer park in the Great Basin. Animals of all kinds have had to adapt to human changes in the landscape.

urban squirrel 1 graphic

Image 8. An urban squirrel.

.bird on a pier 1 graphic

Image 9. Bird on a pier.

owl on fence 1 graphic

Image 10. An owl on a fence at a city dump by San Francisco Bay.

goldfish 1 graphic

Image 11. Goldfish in an outdoor concrete pond.
The photo was actually taken in France, but it could have been anywhere.

hands with frog 1 graphic

Image 12. Child holding a frog.

hands with duck 1 graphic

Image 13. Child holding a duck.

hands with duck 2 graphic

Image 14. Child holding a duck.

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