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Environment North America:
Farming and Ranching

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Humans and Nature

For more images of farming, in both North America and in France, go to the Human Landscapes section.

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Image 1. This glacier in British Columbia almost reaches down to the field of hay, creating an unusual interface between the wild and the domestic.

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Image 2. A new suburb on the edge of a vinyard in California's Napa Valley.

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Image 3. A crop duster. Farming in North America is the most labor-efficien
in the world, but the least energy-efficient, even without a full accounting
of the environmental costs.

green gulch farm 1 graphic

Image 4. Farming organically and by hand at the Green Gulch Zen Center,
Muir Beach, California.

sheepherder idaho 1 graphic

Image 5. Herding sheep in the sagebrush country of Idaho.

grazed hillside 1 graphic

Image 6. A heavily grazed hillside in California's Coast Range.

cattle trails 1 graphic

Image 7. Cattle tralis on a grassy hillside in California.

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Image 8. Grazed and not-grazed areas. Behind the fence is a cattle ranch,
with different vegetation cover in the two areas.

fenced hillside 1 graphic

Image 9. Grazed and not-grazed areas, To the left of the fence there has been less grazing by livestock than to the right. From the Channel Islands, California.

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