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Cemeteries and Memorials

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Humans and Nature

cemetery portrait provence 1 graphic

Image 1: Provence cemetery portrait

haida gravestone graphic

Image 2: Gravestones, Haida Gwaii

angel face with lichens graphic

Image 3: A lichen-covered gravestone in Dennis, Masachusettes
Photo by Sylvia Sharnoff

names paris cemetery graphic

Image 4: Fading names in a Paris cemetery

wooden grave memorial provence graphic

Image 5: A wooden grave memorial, Provence

cemetery portrait provence 2 graphic

Image 6: Provence cemetery portrait

gravestones 1 graphic

Image 7: Lichen-covered tombstones

gravestone letters with lichens 1 graphic

Image 8: Lichens on a New England gravestone

totem pole 1 graphic

Image 9: A totem pole rests in the grass, Kitwanga, British Columbia

ruins of gravestones paris graphic

Image 10: Collapsed mossy memorial pieces in Pere Lachaise cemetery, Paris

cemetery portrait provence 3 graphic

Image 11: Provence cemetery portrait

haida watchman graphic

Image 12: Watchman memorial, Haida Gwaii

pettrocioli memorial graphic

Image 13: A cemetery memorial, Provence

poor peoples cemetery 1 graphic

Image 14: A more neglected part of a cemetery, Provence

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