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Plants Taking Over

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Humans and Nature

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Image 1: An abandoned cabin in British Colmbia.

ivy in wheel graphic

Image 2: Ivy growing through a tire rim on a parked car, Berkeley.

fence in heather graphic

Image 3: A fallen fence is disappearing into the heather in British Colmbia.

old dock 1 graphic

Image 4: This remnant of an old dock is in Wrangal, Alaska. The young trees sprouting from the rotting lumber are the same species that provided the lumber in the first place. Photo from about 1992.

yellow rope in tree graphic

Image 5: The rope is being swallowed by the tree.

pink rope in tree graphic

Image 6: The rope has been almost completely swallowed by the tree.

tire garden graphic

Image 7: A tire garden, with a Shooting Star (Primula sp.)

slough with posts graphic

Image 8: A slough with old posts, perhaps remnants of a pier,
in northern California.

culvert with plant 1 graphic

Image 9: These plants are filling space in an old culvert under a sidewalk.

dabiflor 1 graphic

Image 10: A closed nursery in southern France is now sprouting weeds.

dabiflor 2 graphic

Image 11: Another view of the closed nursery.

mine tunnel graphic

Image 12: An abandoned mine tunnel in Oregon is going back to the earth

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