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Natural Patterns:

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butterflies pink flower graphic

Image 1: Butterflies on pink flower, Provence

stauromedusa graphic

Image 2: Stauromedusa, northern California tidepool

sheep provence 1 graphic

Image 3: Herd of sheep, Provence

beefly 1 graphic

Image 4: Beefly on Echium, Provence

cernuella virgata 1 graphic

Image 5: Snalis (probably Cernuella virgata), Provence

monarch chrysalis 1 graphic

Image 6: Chrysalis of Monarch butterfly

mussels 1 graphic

Image 7: Mussels, northern California coast

web drops 1 graphic

Image 8: Raindrops on spiderweb

deer skull 1 graphic

Image 9: Joints in a deer skull

anemone 1 graphic

Image 10: Sea anenome, northern California coast

midge eggs graphic

Image 11: MIdge eggs on boulder in stream, Mt. Rainier, Washington

jelly fish 1 graphic

Image 12: Jellyfish in aquarium

cernuella virgata 2 graphic

Image 13: Snalis (probably Cernuella virgata), Provence

bee on frasera speciosa graphic

Image 14: Bee on Frasera speciosa, Sierra Nevada

sand dollar 1 graphic

Image 15: Sand dollar, northern California coast

deer on hillside 1 graphic

Image 16: Deer on hillside, northern California

web drops 2 graphic

Image 17: Raindrops on spiderweb

ant mounds sahara graphic

Image 18: Ant mounds, Sahara Desert

sea star 1 graphic

Image 19: Red-spotted sea star, northern California coast

millepedes 1 graphic

Image 20: Millipedes, southern Oregon forest

snails on thistle 1 graphic

Image 21: Snalis (probably Cernuella virgata) on thistle, Provence

spider web 1 graphic

Image 22: Spiderwebs

actius luna 1 graphic

Image 23: Actias luna

barnacles 1 graphic

Image 24: Barnacles, northern California coast

elephant seals 1 graphic

Image 25: Elephant seals, northern California coast

mussels and barnacles 1 graphic

Image 26: Mussels and barnacles, northern California coast

anthopleura 1 graphic

Image 27: Anthopleura xanthogrammica (anenome), northern California coast

beeflies mating graphic

Image 28: Beeflies mating, Provence

swallowtail on lavender graphic

Image 29: Swallowtail butterfly on lavender, Provence

malacosoma 1 graphic

Image 30: Western tent caterpillars (Malacosoma californicum), Sierra Nevada

spiderweb on wire 1 graphic

Image 31: A spiderweb on my deck railing; human and wild patterns together.

bark beetle trails graphic

Image 32: A gallery of bark beetle trails, probably of Scolytus sp., from northern California

tracks in beach sand 1 graphic

Image 33: Tracks (of what?) in beach sand, Big River Beach, Mendocino, California

crab shell 1 graphic

Image 34: Crab shell (detail) Big River Beach, Mendocino, California

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