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Natural Patterns:
Lichens, Part 1

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aspicilia candida 1 graphic

Image 1: Aspicilia candida

ramalina menziesii 1 graphic

Image 2: Ramalina menziesii

acarospora socialis 1 graphic

Image 3: Acarospora socialis

arctoparmelia centrifuga 1 graphic

Image 4: Arctoparmelia centrifuga

cetraria laevigata graphic

Image 5: Cetraria laevigata

cladonia portentosa graphic

Image 6: Cladonia portentosa ssp. pacifica

bellemeria alpina graphic

Image 7: Bellemeria alpina

dibaies graphic

Image 8: Dibaeis baeomyces

arctoparmelia centrifuga 2 graphic

Image 9: Arctoparmelia centrifuga

dirina mexicana graphic

Image 10: Dirina mexicana

cladonia fimbriata graphic

Image 11: Cladonia fimbriata

graphis scripta 1 graphic

Image 12: Graphis scripta

flavoparmelia baltimorensis graphic

Image 13: Flavoparmelia baltimorensis

arctoparmelia centrifuga 3 graphic

Image 14: Arctoparmelia centrifuga, Stereocaulon sp. and moss on boulders

acarospora socialis 2 graphic

Image 15: Acarospora socialis

hypogymnia imshaugii graphic

Image 16: Hypogymnia imshaugii

haematomma 1 graphic

Image 17: Haematomma fenzlianum

cladonia evansii graphic

Image 18: Cladonia evansii

lecanographa graphic

Image 19: Lecanographa hypothallina

cladonia concinna graphic

Image 20: Cladonia concinna

dimelaena oreina graphic

Image 21: Dimelaena oreina

cladonia stereocaulon rocks 1 graphic

Image 22: Cladonia stellaris, Stereocaulon sp. and red-leaved plant

lecidea tessellata 1 graphic

Image 23: Lecidea tesselata

hypogymnia tubulosa graphic

Image 24: Hypogymnia tubulosa

herpothallon graphic

Image 25: Herpothallon rubrocintum

arctoparmelia centrifuga 4 graphic

Image 26: Arctoparmelia centrifuga

hypotrachyna livida 1 graphic

Image 27: Hypotrachyna livida

graphis subelegans graphic

Image 28: Graphis subelegans

lecanora allophana graphic

Image 29: Lecanora allophana

arctoparmelia centrifuga 5 graphic

Image 30: Arctoparmelia centrifuga

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