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Lichens Index 1:
Acanthothecis to Byssoloma

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Acanthothecis peplophora

Acarospora cervina (group)
Acarospora chrysops
Acarospora contigua
Acarospora elevata
Acarospora fuscata
Acarospora glaucocarpa
Acarospora heufleriana
Acarospora molybdina
Acarospora nodulosa
Acarospora obnubila
Acarospora peliscypha
Acarospora rosulata
Acarospora schleicheri
Acarospora socialis
Acarospora stapfiana
Acarospora strigata

Acarospora thelococcoides
Acarospora tuckerae
Acarospora or Pleopsidium (unidentified "yellow Acarospora" species)

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Acarospora or Pleopsidium
Ahtiana aurescens
Ahtiana pallidula
Ahtiana sphaerosporella
Acanthothecis peplophora

Alectoria imshaugii
Alectoria lata
Alectoria nigricans (see Gowardia nigricans)
Alectoria ochroleuca
Alectoria sarmentosa





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Arctoparmelia centrifuga

Allantoparmelia almquistii
Allantoparmelia alpicola

Allocetraria madreporiformis
Allocetraria oakesiana (see Usnocetraria oakesiana)

Alyxoria varia

Amandinea milliaria
Amandinea punctata

Amygdalaria haidensis
Amygdalaria panaeola
Amygdalaria subdissentiens

Anamylopsora pulcherrima

Anaptychia crinalis
Anaptychia elbursiana

Anaptychia palmulata
Anaptychia setifera (see Anaptychia crinalis)

Anzia colpodes
Anzia ornata

Arctoparmelia centrifuga
Arctoparmelia incurva
Arctoparmelia separata

Arthonia caesia (see Chrysothrix caesia)
Arthonia cinnabarina
Arthonia glebosa
Arthonia gyalectoides
Arthonia ilicina
Arthonia interveniens
Arthonia phaeobaea
Arthonia pruinata
Arthonia punctiformis
Arthonia radiata
Arthonia rubella
Arthonia sp. and Thelotrema lepadinum

Arthothelium spectabile

Arthrorhaphis citrinella

Asahinea chrysantha
Asahinea scholanderi

Aspicilia angelica
Aspicilia caesiocinerea (see Circinaria caesiocinerea)
Aspicilia californica
Aspicilia candida
Aspicilia cinerea
Aspicilia confusa
Aspicilia contorta (see Circinaria contorta)
Aspicilia cuprea
Aspicilia cyanescens
Aspicilia desertorum (see Circinaria arida)
Aspicilia filiformis
Aspicilia hispida (see Circinaria hispida)
Aspicilia limitata
Aspicilia mastrucata (see Sagedia mastrucata)
Aspicilia pacifica
Aspicilia phaea
Aspicilia reptans
Aspicilia supertegens
Aspicilia verrucigera
Aspicilia (unidentified species)

Astrothelium versicolor

Athallia holocarpa
Athallia pyracea

aspicilia thumbnail graphic
Aspicilia candida
Bacidia ekmaniana
Bacidia heterochroa

Bacidia rubella
Bacidia schweinitzii

Baeomyces placophyllus
Baeomyces rufus

Bagliettoa calciseda

Bellemerea alpina

Blastenia ammiospila cfr.

Biatora vernalis
Biatora (unidentified species)

Bilimbia sabuletorum

Blennothallia crispa

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Baeomyces rufus
Brigantiaea fuscolutea
Brigantiaea leucoxantha

Brodoa oroarctica

Bryocaulon divergens

Bryoplaca jungermanniae


Bryoria capillaris (see Bryoria pikei)
Bryoria fremontii
Bryoria friabilis
Bryoria furcellata
Bryoria fuscescens
Bryoria glabra
Bryoria lanestris (see Bryoria fuscescens)
Bryoria nadvornikiana
Bryoria nitidula
Bryoria pikei
Bryoria pseudocapillaris (see Sulcaria spiralifera)
Bryoria pseudofuscescens
Bryoria simplicior
Bryoria spiralifera (see Sulcaria spiralifera)
Bryoria subcana (see Bryoria fuscescens)
Bryoria tortuosa is now included in Bryoria fremontii
Bryoria trichodes
Bryoria (unidentified species)

bryoria thumbnail graphic
Bryoria fremontii
Buellia badia
Buellia concinna
Buellia disciformis
Buellia dispersa
Buellia elegans

Buellia erubescens
Buellia halonia
Buellia lepidastroidea (see Buellia sequax)
Buellia maritima
Buellia muriformis
Buellia ocellata
Buellia oidalea
Buellia sequax
Buellia spuria
Buellia stigmatea
Buellia stillingiana (see Buellia erubescens)
Buellia (unidentified species)

bulbothrix thumbnail graphic
Bulbothrix confoederata
Bulbothrix confoederata
Bulbothrix goebelii (see Bulbothrix scortella)
Bulbothrix isidiza
Bulbothrix laevigatula
Bulbothrix scortella

Byssoloma meadii  

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