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Lichens Index 5:
Echinoplaca to Hypocenomyce

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Echinoplaca intercedens


Edrudia constipans

Enchylium coccophorum
Enchylium polycarpon
Enchylium tenax


Endocarpon difractellum
Endocarpon pulvinatum

Endocarpon pusillum

Enterographa oregonensis
Enterographa zonata
Enterographa (unidentified species)

Eopyrenula intermedia

Ephebe lanata

Erioderma sorediatum

Esslingeriana idahoensis

Evernia divaricata
Evernia mesomorpha
Evernia prunastri

Everniastrum catawbiense (see Hypotrachyna catabiensis)

Fellhanera bouteillei ?

Fissurina incrustans
Fissurina insidiosa
Fissurina rufula

Flavocetraria cucullata
Flavocetraria nivalis

Flavoparmelia baltimorensis
Flavoparmelia caperata

Flavoparmelia caperata with Flavopunctelia flaventior

Flavoplaca citrina
Flavoplaca marina

Flavopunctelia flaventior
Flavopunctelia praesignis
Flavopunctelia soredica

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Evernia mesomorpha




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Flavoparmelia baltimorensis

Fulgensia bracteata (see Gyalolechia bracteata)
Fulgensia desertorum (see Gyalolechia desertorum)
Fulgensia fulgens (see Gyalolechia fulgens)

Fuscidea arboricola
Fuscidea arcuatula (see Fuscidea recensa var. arcuatula)
Fuscidea recensa
Fuscidea (unidentified species)

Fuscopannaria ahlneri
Fuscopannaria aurita
Fuscopannaria coralloidea
Fuscopannaria laceratula
Fuscopannaria leucosticta
Fuscopannaria leucostictoides
Fuscopannaria pacifica
Fuscopannaria praetermissa
Fuscopannaria (unidentified species)

Gassicurtia vernicoma

Glyphis cicatricosa

Gomphillus americanus

Gowardia nigricans

Graphina peplophora (see Acanthothecis peplophora)

Graphis endoxantha
Graphis insidiosa (see Fissurina insidiosa)
Graphis librata
Graphis scripta
Graphis striatula
Graphis subelegans (see Graphis endoxantha)

unidentified graphid species

Gyalecta jenensis

Gyalolechia arizonica
Gyalolechia bracteata
Gyalolechia desertorum
Gyalolechia flavorubescens
Gyalolechia flavovirescens
Gyalolechia fulgens
Gyalolechia stantonii
Gyalolechia stipitata
Gyalolechia xanthostigmoidea

Gypsoplaca macrophylla

Haematomma accolens
Haematomma americanum
Haematomma fenzlianum
Haematomma flexuosum
Haematomma persoonii

Heiomasia seaveyorum (probably) -not in N. A. Checklist

Heppia conchiloba
Heppia lutosa

Herpothallon rubrocintum (formerly Cryptothecia rubrocinta)
Herpothallon rubroechinatum

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Fulgensia bracteata



graphis thumbnail graphic
Graphis scripta



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Haematomma fenzlianum

Heterodermia albicans
Heterodermia appalachensis
Heterodermia casarettiana
Heterodermia crocea
Heterodermia diademata
Heterodermia echinata
Heterodermia erinacea
Heterodermia hypoleuca
Heterodermia leucomela
Heterodermia obscurata
Heterodermia rugulosa
Heterodermia speciosa
Heterodermia squamulosa
Heterodermia (unidentified species)

Hubbsia parishii (see Schizopelte parishii)

Hydropunctaria maura

Hyperphyscia adglutinata
Hyperphyscia confusa
Hyperphyscia syncolla

Hypocenomyce anthracophila (see Carbonicola anthracophila)
Hypocenomyce scalaris

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Heterodermia echinata

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