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Lichens Index 14:
Sticta to Umbilicaria

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Sticta beauvoisii
Sticta fuliginosa
Sticta limbata

Strangospora moriformis

Strigula stigmatella
Strigula smaragdula

Sulcaria badia
Sulcaria spiralifera

Synalissa ramulosa
Synalissa symphorea (see Synalissa ramulosa)

Teloschistes chrysophthalmus
Teloschistes exilis (now considered the fertile form of T. flavicans)
Teloschistes flavicans

Tephromela atra

Texosporium sancti-jacobi

Thamnolia subuliformis
Thamnolia vermicularis

Thecaria quassiaecola

Thelidium pyrenophorum

Thelomma californicum
Thelomma mammosum
Thelomma occidentale
Thelomma ocellatum
Thelomma santessonii
Thelomma (unidentified species)

Thelotrema lepadinum
Thelotrema subtile

Tholurna dissimilis

Thrombium epigaeum

Thyrea confusa
Thyrea (unidentified species)

Toninia alutacea
Toninia candida
Toninia ruginosa
Toninia sedifolia
Toninia subdispersa?
Toninia tristis subsp. asiae-centralis
Toninia (unidentified species)
Toninia cfr.

Trapelia glebulosa
Trapelia placodioides

Trapeliopsis flexuosa
Trapeliopsis glaucopholis (formerly listed as T. walrothii)
Trapeliopsis granulosa
Trapeliopsis pseudogranulosa
Trapeliopsis steppica

Tremolecia atrata

Trypethelium aeneum
Trypethelium subeluteriae
Trypethelium tropicum
Trypethelium variolosum
Trypethelium virens

Tuckermanella coralligera
Tuckermanella fendleri

Tuckermannopsis americana
Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla
Tuckermannopsis ciliaris
Tuckermannopsis orbata
Tuckermannopsis platyphylla
Tuckermannopsis sepincola
Tuckermannopsis subalpina
Tuckermannopsis (unidentified species)

Umbilicaria americana
Umbilicaria angulata
Umbilicaria caroliniana (see Lasallia caroliniana)
Umbilicaria cinereorufescens
Umbilicaria cylindrica
Umbilicaria decussata
Umbilicaria deusta
Umbilicaria hyperborea
Umbilicaria krascheninnikovii (see Umbilicaria polaris)
Umbilicaria lyngei
Umbilicaria mammulata
Umbilicaria muehlenbergii
Umbilicaria phaea
Umbilicaria polaris
Umbilicaria polyphylla
Umbilicaria proboscidea
Umbilicaria rigida
Umbilicaria torrefacta
Umbilicaria virginis
Umbilicaria (unidentified species)


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Sticta limbata






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Tephromela atra







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Teloschistes flavicans







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Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla






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Umbilicaria phaea (red variety)

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