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Mosses, Lichens, Fungi

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Humans and Nature

car with lichens 1 graphic

Image 1: Old car with lichens
Photo by Sylvia Sharnoff

astroturf with moss graphic

Image 2: Living moss growing on Astroturf, fake grass.
How long will it take for the Astroturf to vanish completely?

shirt with lichens graphic

Image 3: A discarded shirt with the lichen Cladonia grayi growing on it.

mushroom power graphic

Image 4: Mushroom power

mossy ground graphic

Image 5: Moss-covered ground, Oregon

lichens on rusty metal graphic

Image 6: Yellow lichens growing on rusty metal

gravestone with moss in crack graphic

Image 7: Moss growing in a limestone crack on a gravestone in Provence

mossy concrete blocks graphic

Image 8: Moss on old concrete blocks, Oregon

lichens on car 2 graphic

Image 9: Old car with lichens
Photo by Sylvia Sharnoff

moss on cut post graphic

Image 10: Moss on a cut post, Oregon

boot with lichens graphic

Image 11: Lichens and moss on an old boot

mossy letters on gravestone 1 graphic

Image 12: Moss and lichens on a gravestone, Oregon

house wall with xanthoria graphic

Image 13: Orange lichen (Xanthoria sp.) on a concrete house wall, New England
Photo by Sylvia Sharnoff

post top with lichen 1 graphic

A post top with lichen.
From Caspar Beach, north of Mendocino, California.

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