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Lichens Index 6:
Hypogymnia to Lecanora

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Each name links to a page displaying 1 to 35 images. Most of the lichens in the photos are well-identified from voucher specimens, but I have included some whose identity is uncertain; almost all of these are also backed up by voucher specimens. Where something is identified only to a species "group", or is cfr. or sensu lato, I have placed it on the page with that species.

Hypogymnia apinnata
Hypogymnia austeroides
Hypogymnia bitteri
Hypogymnia duplicata
Hypogymnia enteromorpha
Hypogymnia heterophylla
Hypogymnia hultenii
Hypogymnia imshaugii
Hypogymnia inactiva
Hypogymnia krogiae
Hypogymnia lophyrea
Hypogymnia metaphysodes (see Hypogymnia wilfiana but the current N. Amer. Checklist simply says "misidentification for N. America")
Hypogymnia minilobata
Hypogymnia mollis
Hypogymnia occidentalis
Hypogymnia oceanica
Hypogymnia physodes
Hypogymnia rugosa
Hypogymnia subobscura
Hypogymnia tubulosa
Hypogymnia vittata
Hypogymnia wilfiana
Hypogymnia (unidentified species)



hypogymnia thumbnail graphic
Hypogymnia imshaugii

Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta
Hypotrachyna bahiana
-name not in current North American Checklist
Hypotrachyna catawbiensis
Hypotrachyna croceopustulata
Hypotrachyna cryptochlora?
Hypotrachyna horrescens
Hypotrachyna laevigata
Hypotrachyna livida
Hypotrachyna minarum
Hypotrachyna osseoalba
Hypotrachyna pulvinata
Hypotrachyna pustulifera
Hypotrachyna revoluta
Hypotrachyna sinuosa
Hypotrachyna spumosa
Hypotrachyna (unidentified species)

Icmadophila ericetorum

Imshaugia aleurites

Imshaugia placorodia

Ionaspis lacustris
Ionaspis lavata (including I. odora & I. suaveolens)
Ionaspis (unidentified species)

Jamesiella anastomosans

Japewia tornoensis

Japewiella dollypartoniana

Kaernefeltia californica
Kaernefeltia merrilli

Koerberia sonomensis (see Tingiopsidium sonomense)

Koerberiella wimmeriana

Lasallia caroliniana
Lasallia papulosa

Lasallia pensylvanica

Lathagrium cristatum
Lathagrium undulatum

Laurera megasperma (see Astrothelium megaspermum)

Lecanactis abietina
Lecanactis californica
Lecanactis (unidentified species)

Lecania brunonis
Lecania dubitans
Lecania dudleyi
Lecania fructigena
Lecania pacifica
Lecania (unidentified species)

Lecanographa amylacea
Lecanographa brattiae
Lecanographa dimelaenoides
Lecanographa hypothallina

icmadophila thumbnail graphic
Icmadophila ericetorum






lasallia thumbnail graphic
Lasallia papulosa (red form)







lecanographa thumbnail graphic
Lecanographa hypothallina

Lecanora albella
Lecanora albellula
Lecanora albocaesiella ?
Lecanora allophana
Lecanora argentea
Lecanora argopholis
Lecanora bipruinosa (see Protoparmeliopsis bipruinosa)
Lecanora caesiorubella
Lecanora californica
Lecanora campestris
Lecanora carpinea
Lecanora cateilea
Lecanora cenisia
Lecanora chlarotera
Lecanora cinereofusca
Lecanora circumborealis
Lecanora confusa
Lecanora conizaeoides
Lecanora crenulata (see Myriolecis crenulata)
Lecanora cupressi
Lecanora demosthenesii
Lecanora dispersa (see Myriolecis dispersa)
Lecanora epibryon
Lecanora farinaria
Lecanora flavidopallescens
Lecanora floridula
Lecanora gangaleoides
Lecanora garovaglii (see Protoparmeliopsis garovaglii)
Lecanora glabrata
Lecanora hagenii (see Myriolecis hagenii)
Lecanora hybocarpa
Lecanora impudens
Lecanora intricata
Lecanora intumescens
Lecanora kofae (see Protoparmeliopsis kofae)
Lecanora leprosa
Lecanora louisianae
Lecanora marginata
Lecanora masana
Lecanora mellea
Lecanora meridionalis
Lecanora muralis (see Protoparmeliopsis muralis)
Lecanora nashii
Lecanora novomexicana (see Rhizoplaca novomexicana)
Lecanora orae-frigidae
Lecanora oreinoides
Lecanora pacifica
Lecanora phaedrophthalma (see Rhizoplaca phaedrophthalma)
Lecanora phryganitis
Lecanora pinguis (see Protoparmeliopsis pinguis)
Lecanora polytropa
Lecanora pringlei
Lecanora protervula
Lecanora pseudistera
Lecanora pulicaris
Lecanora rugosella (see Lecanora chlarotera)
Lecanora rupicola
Lecanora saligna
Lecanora sierrae
Lecanora strobilina
Lecanora subcarnea
Lecanora subdispersa (see Toninia subdispersa)
Lecanora symmicta
Lecanora thysanophora
Lecanora tropica
Lecanora wisconsinensis
Lecanora xylophila
Lecanora zosterae (see Myriolecis zosterae)
Lecanora (unidentified species)


lecanora cupressi thumbnail graphic
Lecanora cupressi








lecanora caesiorubella thumbnail graphic
Lecanora caesiorubella








lecanora epibryon thumbnail graphicLecanora epibryon

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