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All of the photos are from 1990-1994; the glaciers have retreated significantly since then.

mountains chilkat pass graphic

Image 1. Peaks near Chilkat Pass, north of Haines, at the British Columbia border

alaska mountains 1 graphic

Image 2. Mountains, Southeast Alaska

alaska mountains 2 graphic

Image 3. Mountains, Southeast Alaska

portage glacier 1 graphic

Image 4. Portage Glacier

muskeg alaska 1 graphic

Image 5. A muskeg, Southeast Alaska

alaska mountains 3 graphic

Image 6. Mountains, Southeast Alaska

lily pond graphic

Image 7. A lily pond near Juneau

tidal flat 1 graphic

Image 8. Aerial of a tidal flat

alaska mountains 4 graphic

Image 9. Mountains, Southeast Alaska

herbert glacier 1 graphic

Image 10. The Herbert Glacier as seen from the air

herbert glacier 2 graphic

mage 11. The Herbert Glacier from the ground

muskeg alaska 2 graphic

Image 12. A muskeg on Mitkof Island

mendenhall glacier graphic

Image 13. The Mendenhall Glacier; even in the 1990's the ice was retreating.

glacier ice graphic

Image 14. The underside of the ice, Mendenhall Glacier; a pool of water is below.

inside passage graphic

Image 15. The Inside Passage

portage glacier 2 graphic

Image 16. Portage Glacier

portage glacier 3 graphic

Image 17. Portage Glacier

portage glacier 4 graphic

Image 18. Portage Glacier

drowned forest graphic

Image 19. This former forest near Portage Alaska is on land that sank several meters
during the huge earthquake of 1964. Seawater flooded the area and killed the trees.

alaska mountains 5 graphic

Image 20. Aerial of mountains, Southeast Alaska

alaska meadow 1 graphic

Image 21. Granite outcrops with yellow lichens, north of Haines.

mountainsid near haines graphic

Image 22 Mountainside above Haines

tidal flat 2 graphic

Image 23. Aerial of a tidal flat

tidal flat 3 graphic

Image 24. Aerial of a tidal flat

alaska meadow 2 graphic

Image 25. Granite outcrops with yellow lichens, north of Haines.

chilkat pass graphic

Image 26. Chilkat Pass, north of Haines

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