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Nature Photos

These images are ones in which there is no obvious human presence in the landscape; they are mostly from North America. For scenics with a concentration on pattern go to Natural Patterns. For those with a human elemant, go to Human Landscapes in the Humans and Nature section. For scenics from other regions go to Provence, Sahara, and Nepal in the Places section. For more scenics with lichens in the picture, go to Lichen Natural History in the Lichens section.


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(26 images)

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Western British Columbia
(10 images)

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Rocky Mountain Region
and Grasslands
(26 images)

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Oregon and Washington
(26 images)



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California Coast
(33 images)

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California Coast Range
(28 images)


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California Sierra Nevada
(47 images)

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(20 images)

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Eastern US and Canada
(18 images)


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Himalayan Region
(10 images)