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bearpaw lake graphic

Image 1. Bearpaw Lake, John Muir Wilderness

feather peak view graphic

Image 2. View from near Feather Peak, John Muir Wilderness

foothills 18 graphic

Image 3. Flowery hillside along Hites Cove Trail above Merced River

giant sequoias graphic

Image 4. Giant Sequoias

heart lake graphic

Image 5. Heart Lake, in Little Lakes Valley

puppet pass graphic

Image 6. View from Puppet Pass, John Muir Wilderness

nevada falls graphic

Image 7. Nevada Falls from Glacier Point, Yosemite

foothills 28 graphic

Image 8. Sierra foothills in spring

hungry packer lake sunrise 1 graphic

Image 9. Sunrise at Hungry Packer Lake, Bishop Creek region

moonlight lake 1 graphic

Image 10. Moonlight Lake, Bishop Creek region

moonlight lake waterfalls graphic

Image 11.Waterfall near Moonlight Lake, Bishop Creek region

foothills 8 graphic

Image 12. Southern Sierra foothills in spring


sierra juniper graphic

Image 13. Sierra Juniper
Photograph by Sylvia Sharnoff

moon mono craters graphic

Image 14. Moonrise over Mono Craters

alpine stream graphic

Image 15. A subalpine stream

little lakes valley 2 graphic

Image 16. Little Lakes Valley

bear lakes basin 1 graphic

Image 17. Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness; Seven Gables is on the left

bear lakes basin 2 graphic

Image 18. Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness; Seven Gables is on the left


foothills poppies graphic

Image 19. Foothills with oaks and poppies

foothills 9 graphic

Image 20. Southern Sierra foothills in spring

red fir forest graphic

Image 21. Red fir forest on the western slope

moonlight lake 2 graphic

Image 22. Moonlight Lake, Bishop Creek region

foothills 40 graphic

Image 23. Spring flowers

sierra dawn graphic

Image 24. Dawn at Huhgry Packer Lake

little lakes valley 3 graphic

Image 25. Upper Little Lakes Valley

foothills with gray pines graphic

Image 26. Foothills with gray pines

marsh graphic

Image 27. This marsh is in Sierra Valley, north of Lake Tahoe

balanced rock graphic

Image 28. On the western slope

sierra mono pass grqphic

Image 29. View from Mono Pass; Mt. Abbott on the right, Bear Creek Spire to the left

jeffrey pine graphic

Image 30. A Jeffrey pine in sagebrush, Sierra eastside

middle fork 1 grphic

Image 31. Middle Fork of Bishop Creek region

foothills 11 graphic

Image 32. Southern Sierra foothills in spring

tressidor peak graphic

Image 33. Tressidor Peak
Photograph by Sylvia Sharnoff

sierra sunset 1 graphic

Image 34. Sunset, Bishop Creek

foothills 17 graphic

Image 35. Southern Sierra foothills in spring

moon feather pass graphic

Image 36. Moon over Feather Pass

foothills view of yosemite

Image 37. Sierra foothills, with Yosemite Valley in the distance; El Capitan is visible just left of center.

sierra sunset 2 graphic

Image 38. Sunset, Bishop Creek

northern sierra forest graphic

Image 39. Northern Sierra forest

mount humphreys graphic

Image 40. View of Mount Humphreys

clavey river graphic

Image 41. Clavey River

jackass meadow graphic

Image 42. Jackass Meadow, Sierra National Forest


brodiaea elegans graphic

Image 43. A field of Brodiaea elegans, Sierra foothills

riparian habitat graphic

Image 44. Lower reaches of a westside river, riparian habitat

tuolumne meadows graphic

Image 45. Tuolumne Meadows in winter, Yosemite National Park

kern river graphic

Image 46. The lower Kern River in winter

double rainbow graphic

Image 47. Rainbow on the Sierra eastside

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