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Rocky Mountain Region
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Image 1. Mount Robson

spar canyon graphic

Image 2. Spar Canyon, southern Idaho

moon set winter graphic

Image 3. Winter moonset in early morning, South Dakota

bow lake graphic

Image 4. Bow Lake, Canadian Rockies

sagebrush graphic

Image 5. Sagebrush steppe in Idaho

sunrise wyoming graphic

Image 6. Sunrise, Wyoming

badlands 1 graphic

Image 7. Badlands, South Dakota

badlands 2 graphic

Image 8. Badlands, South Dakota

badlands 3 graphic

Image 9. Badlands, South Dakota

glacier park canada 1 graphic

Image 10. Glacier National Park, Canada

glacier park canada 2 graphic

Image 11. Glacier National Park, Canada

nevada winter 1 graphic

Image 12. Grasslands in Nevada, winter

nevada winter 2 graphic

Image 13. Grasslands in Nevada, winter

glacier park graphic

Image 14. Glacier National Park, US

painted hills 1 graphic

Image 15. The Painted Hills, central Oregon

painted hills 2 graphic

Image 16. The Painted Hills, central Oregon

enchanted rock 1 graphic

Image 17. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas

enchanted rock 2 graphic

Image 18. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas

enchanted rock 3 graphic

Image 19. Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas
Photograph by Sylvia Sharnoff

british columbia sky graphic

Image 20. Prairie and sky, southern British Columbia

snowy landscape 1 graphic

Image 21. Winter, South Dakota

saskatchewan glacier graphic

Image 22. Saskatchewan Glacier, British Columbia

cliffs with sage graphic

Image 23. Cliffs with sagebrush
Photograph by Sylvia Sharnoff

streamside rocks idaho graphic

Image 24. Streamside rocks and sagebrush steppe, southern Idaho

grand teton graphic

Image 25. Grand Teton, seen from partway up a climb on a nearby ridge


eagle lake dawn graphic

Image 26. Eagle Lake, northeastern California, at dawn

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